2nd hand drone

2nd-hand drones from Drohnenspital ™ are an inexpensive and qualitatively equal alternative to buying a new one. No Risk: The devices are completely overhauled and come with a 2-year factory guarantee, just like a new device.

2nd hand drones from the drone hospital are the best alternative if you want to replace your current drone or add a second drone.

Your accessories including remote control fit on the 2nd-hand drone of the same type.

2nd hand drone 1
2nd hand drones from the drone hospital

Offers 2nd hand drone

At a glance

  • Simple and straightforward drone purchase
  • The 2nd hand drone is completely overhauled and in perfect condition.
  • 24 month guarantee Simple and uncomplicated drone purchase
  • Fresh from the factory
  • 24-month warranty

scope of delivery

  • Drone without accessories (without remote control, without battery, without charger, without case)
  • You use your accessories. Your remote control can be switched to the 2nd hand drone. Drone and accessories as described

4 good reasons for a new drone from the drone hospital

  1. Overhauled and checked
  2. You need a second or backup drone
  3. You don’t buy the accessories twice
  4. The guarantee is like buying a new device

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