Become a franchise partner

Are you looking for a challenge in the emerging business area with drones? We are looking for personalities with an entrepreneurial spirit! With the drone hospital franchising concept, we offer you an excellent opportunity for successful self-employment. Do you have experience in the repair and rental business? Then you are absolutely right here.

Your drone workshop, your responsibility, your success

Franchising briefly explained

Franchising is a distribution system. A company (franchisor) grants a company founder (franchisee) the right to use its business model and brand name for a fee.

The franchisee is legally independent and acts on his own responsibility and for his own account.

The focus of the cooperation is the use of a business concept. This consists of the elements name, brand, image, system know-how, organizational structure and marketing concept.

The franchisor also offers the franchisee training, advice and support in everyday business.

The franchisee pays the franchisor fees for the use of the rights and for services provided. This usually includes a one-time entry fee or system fee as well as clearly defined franchising fees for ongoing services.

The franchisor monitors compliance with the agreed system policy, for example to ensure quality and a uniform appearance.

How the drone hospital franchising works

As a franchise partner, you run your own drone hospital as an independent entrepreneur. You benefit from the awareness, the proven business concept and the know-how of the drone hospital.

We can offer these advantages

You receive the right to take over the Drohnenspital brand and the successful concept.

Our experienced team accompanies and advises you from day one.
We also enable particularly successful franchisees to manage several locations

What you need to become a franchise partner

As a franchising partner, you take on a clearly defined catchment area that you oversee as an independent entrepreneur. To do this, you need technical know-how and a well-equipped repair workshop where you can also receive customers.

Financial requirements

You need financial resources to set up a workshop, warehouse and equipment. The amount depends on the specific circumstances. Renting retail space is not mandatory, but can be an advantage in good locations.

You need these qualities

The basis for the success of every franchise partner is strong identification with the drone hospital concept. In addition, you need to be willing to work with the parties involved in a committed and team-oriented manner.

We expect the following qualifications from our franchise partners:

  • Basic training in the technical field
  • Experience with repairs and servicing of drones, model airplanes or similar devices
  • minimal training in the commercial area (cost management and marketing)
  • Entrepreneurial, customer-oriented thinking and acting
  • Entrepreneurial risk taking
  • Willingness to perform as a sales and service personality
  • Willingness for constant further education and training

Have we sparked your interest? Then apply with the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Complete curriculum vitae with portrait, personal details, training, career
  • Diplomas / certificates / qualifications
  • Testimonies

Send the documents to
Of course, we treat your dossier confidentially.