Drohnenspital ™ is a specialist in retrofitting drones. Well-trained and experienced technicians work in our drone check-up and repair center, who are familiar with additions and modifications to complex systems and offer a competent check-up.

Remodeling process

We convert drones from all manufacturers. Be it changes to the structure, new accessories or control modifications, all work is carried out competently with us.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. Offer / contact request.

Basic services

  1. Advice / concept development
  2. Offer
  3. construction
  4. Introduction / training
  5. After sales check-up such as check-up / repairs / upgrades

Selection of repair and modification work

Flight Controller

  • Replace Flight Controller
  • Rewire Flight Controller
  • Update or reprogram Flight Controller

GPS and altimeter

  • Calibrate, repair and replace GPS sensor
  • Calibrate, repair and replace altimeter

Flow sensor, sonar and lidar

  • Calibrate, repair and replace flow sensor
  • Calibrate, repair and replace sonar
  • Calibrate, repair and replace Lidar

Motor and motor control (drive train)

  • Check, repair and replace motors
  • Review, repair and replace ESC
  • Balancing, checking and replacing propellers


  • Check, repair and replace receivers
  • Checking, repairing and replacing telemetry sensors
  • Updating and reprogramming transmitters (radio remote control)


  • Gimbal check, repair and replace gimbal
  • Check, repair and replace gimbal control
  • Update and reprogram gimbal control
  • Check, repair and adjust the camera mount

Multicopter frame