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Courses and training

Our specialists impart drone expertise for organizations and private individuals. The courses are conducted with our partner Vertical Master .


Book a drone training and receive shopping vouchers worth up to 200 CHF, valid for rental drones, spare parts and accessories


The courses take place at our venues. Groups can also be trained on site if the infrastructure is suitable.

  • Zurich
  • Liebegg (AG)
  • Payerne (VD)

Our venues have the following basic infrastructure:

  • Generous training room
  • Lounge area, cafeteria
  • Generous outdoor area with open spaces and engineering structures such as buildings, towers
  • Partly indoor hall

Training Calendar


Request further information or a written offer:

    Course overview

    N °Drone training nameTarget audienceOrganizer
    01DiscoveryBeginner, private and commercialVertical Master
    02Drone pilotBeginner, private and commercialVertical Master
    03FPV racingBeginner, private and commercialVertical Master
    04inspectionSpecialization, commercialVertical Master
    05Aerial photographySpecialization, commercialVertical Master
    06aPhotogrammetry ISpecialization, commercialVertical Master
    06bPhotogrammetry IISpecialization, commercialVertical Master
    07ThermographySpecialization, commercialVertical Master
    09Vertical packSpecialization, commercialVertical Master
    11Lecture Integrating drones into business processescommerciallyKoller Eng. Ltd.