Do-it-yourself: Repair drone yourself

A mishap with the drone happened quickly. Can I repair it myself or do I need a repair shop? Our tips will help you.

Before the repair

If a warranty claim is suspected, opening the device is not advisable, as many manufacturers then reject warranty services. You can find out whether your case has a chance of being accepted as a warranty claim in relevant forums or with us. If you opt for self-repair, some experience in dealing with electronics and basic knowledge in model making or in the construction of drones is very useful. Before you pick up the screwdriver, consulting specific training material such as operating and maintenance instructions, forums, Youtube, etc. is also very helpful. The right tools such as fine screwdrivers and soldering irons should be available.

Troubleshooting can be tricky

A reasonable damage analysis serves as the basis for all repair efforts. Are structural parts damaged, is the electronics defective or has the software hung up? This analysis is usually a first, insurmountable obstacle for the inexperienced repairer. But if you don’t know what needs to be patched, the repair quickly becomes an adventure with an uncertain outcome.

Open drone

If there is not a software problem, the device usually has to be opened. Beginners often have problems opening the cladding without damage: The screws and hooks are usually well hidden and not visible at first glance. If you rely too early on raw power, the shell will soon be gone. If you succeed and the shell is open, the next traps lurk with cables and connectors, which like to tear if you overlook them, and that happened quickly.

Where can I get spare parts from

Spare parts, unlike wear parts such as propellers, are not necessarily available from the electronics retailer. So first a reputable source must be found. We advise against third-party providers or copied parts, as the quality and accuracy of fit is often not good. Depending on the provider, hefty fees are also due for the import.

The recipe for success

A successful drone repair is therefore not necessarily a Sunday walk. But we have put together a point that should give you an orientation:

  1. Do I have basic knowledge about electrics/electronics and the construction of drones?
  2. Is my toolbox fit or do I have the right tools for my project?
  3. Have I been able to narrow down the error or do I know what I need to repair and can I procure the necessary spare parts for it?

If these points can be answered with yes, you can start. If it does not work out, the emergency room of the Drohnenspital ready.

Now we wish you good luck and a good flight!