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The Drone Hospital™ repairs drones from DJI, Parrot, Yuneec and many more for photographers, filmmakers, architects, craftsmen, builders, real estate agents, agronomists, scientists, racing and fun pilots.

24 Monate Garantie
24 month warranty on work and parts. The manufacturer’s warranty is maintained.

Require a free online repair quote and send the device or pass it at a drop-off desk. The device is put through its paces and the repair offer is confirmed. After the repair, we will return the device or you will pick it up at a help desk.


Good reasons to repair the drone hospital

  • Avoid shipping abroad and high postage costs
  • Personal delivery possible
  • Advice and service in your language
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is retained

The repair service includes analysis in our workshop, confirmation of the offer, repair after approval and return.

Drone repair
Our drone doctors expertly repair your drone

Manufacturers and types

Drone Flying
Go out and make great flights

Selection of repair swork

Flight Controller

  • Replace Flight Controller
  • Rewire Flight Controller
  • Update or reprogram Flight Controller

GPS and altimeter

  • Calibrate, repair and replace GPS sensor
  • Calibrate, repair and replace altimeter

IMU Position Sensor

  • Calibrate, repair and replace IMU sensor

Flow sensor, sonar and lidar

  • Calibrate, repair and replace flow sensor
  • Calibrate, repair and replace sonar
  • Calibrate, repair and replace Lidar

Motor and motor control

  • Check, repair and replace motors
  • Review, repair and replace ESC
  • Balancing, checking and replacing propellers


  • Check, repair and replace receivers
  • Checking, repairing and replacing telemetry sensors
  • Updating and reprogramming transmitters (radio remote control)


  • Gimbal check, repair and replace gimbal
  • Check, repair and replace gimbal control
  • Update and reprogram gimbal control
  • Check, repair and adjust the camera mount

Camera and other sensors

  • Check, repair and replace the sensor

Frame and housing

  • Check, repair and replace the frame and housing
  • Check, repair and replace arms
  • Check, repair and replace landing frame

How it Works

Drone Repairs – How it works

Online Repair Offer

DrohnenSpital repairs the entire product range of DJI, Yuneec and many other manufacturers, such as the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Air, DJI Phantom, DJI Inspire, DJI Matrice, Yuneec Typhoon, Yuneec Q500 and others. First ask for an online offer. Describe the damage image as accurately as possible and send images if necessary. If the offer suits you, send us the drone. Our drone workshop is staffed with well-trained technicians who will take care of your drone. We repair defective parts, install original spare parts and re-components. We check and update the software and complete the repair with a setting flight.

We repair a broad selection of brands DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, Microcopter, Pixhawk / PX4, Aibotix, AscTec, Wingsland, ZeroTech, which digitec.ch, dji.com, ricardo.ch, toppreise.ch, brack.ch, futuretrends.ch, melectronics.ch, conrad.ch, mediamarkt.ch or microspot.ch and also purchased abroad. If the device still falls under manufacturer’s warranty, we will take care of the warranty in case of suspicion of a warranty case.