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Pack the device and send it in 1

Packing and sending in

Drones from all countries and regions are welcome at the Drohnenspital . Select your location for more information on packing and submission and whether there are drop-off options. Submit now free of charge (offer valid in Switzerland).

Delivery note for submissions

You will find the return address and further information on shipping on the delivery note. Fill out the delivery note online and receive an email with the PDF to print out and attach. Alternatively, print out the blank PDF template and fill it in by hand.

You prefer to send to Germany? Go to SHIPMENTS EU

You would like to receive a free online quote and a free shipping label (offer valid for Switzerland) before submitting it: Go to REQUEST QUOTE

Pack the device

Commercially available drones can be safely shipped in their original packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging to hand, you take a sturdy cardboard box, wrap the drone and accessories in bubble wrap or household paper and stuff the gaps with newspaper so that the parts don’t hit each other during transport. Cardboard boxes for smaller drones are also available at the post office.

We use the packaging you have sent in for return shipping – this is our contribution to the responsible use of resources

The Drohnenspital does not throw away your sent packaging. We will send the device back to you in the same box as it was when it arrived. If you had a little packaging material on hand, or if the box is damaged, we will fix the packaging when you return it. This is our contribution to the responsible use of resources.

Send in the device

Fill in and enclose the delivery note SEE ABOVE . Send us the package with standard parcel shipping or the free shipping label. If you send an expensive copter, you can also send the package by registered mail or with additional insurance. Use the return address listed on the delivery note. Put the delivery note in the package.

Franking (CH)

For repair submissions, you’ll receive a free shipping label. If you need a shipping label for other reasons, you can order one here. We will be happy to send you an addressed return label that you can print out and stick on the package.

Device Drop Off

You prefer to send to Germany? Go to SHIPMENTS EU

Repair or rental equipment can be easily handed in at our drop-off points. The device must be labeled and packed in a box, bag or at least in a bag. Please note that there is usually no specialist staff from the Drohnenspital present at the drop off desk.


Submission address and drop off

Pack the device and send it in 4

Bahnhofstrasse 66
CH-5605 Dottikon Ltd.

Floor 3, drop-off and pick-up

opening hours

Monday – Friday


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