Subscription drone

Rent a drone for 6 months and longer including fully comprehensive insurance:

We will send you the device

Go out and make great shots

After 6 months you will receive a new model

The drone subscription from DrhnenSpital ™ for carefree long-term or permanent rentals from 6 months.

A drone subscription at DronenSpital is easy and safe.
A drone subscription at DronenSpital is easy and safe.


3 good reasons for a drone subscription from DrohnenSpital

  1. Always the latest device
  2. Repairs and service are organized. A replacement device will be provided during the repair period.
  3. Easy exchange and return

At a glance

  • Fully comprehensive insurance is included. The deductible is CHF 300.
  • The drone liability insurance (compulsory) is not included as this must be taken out personally by the pilot. Check with your current liability insurance company whether you already have coverage.
  • The contract notice period is 1 month, the minimum contract period is 6 months. In the event of a model change, the minimum term starts from the beginning.
  • Signs of use such as small scratches and normal wear and tear are included.
  • The repair of damage and heavy soiling is chargeable.
  • Hire purchase is possible after the end of the rental period with a credit of 50% of the rental fees.

scope of delivery

  • Drone with accessories
  • Drone badge

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