Drone repairs

  • My drone is defective, what should I do now?

Request a free online offer here

  • What should I do if I want to have the drone repaired?

Send in the drone or bring it over. We have prepared a delivery note for you to download.

  • How do I pack my drone for shipping?

Take the original packaging and make sure that the components cannot beat each other during transport. Further information

  • From which countries can I send in my drone?

You can send in your drone from any European country. Put the note “Return for repair” on the package and delivery note to avoid customs duties. We have prepared a delivery note for you to download.

  • Can you really fix my drone?

Pretty sure yes. We are very familiar with most makes and can also help you with specialty drones.

  • Can I decide for myself how and what I want to have repaired on my drone?

After the incoming inspection, we will send you a repair offer, based on which you can decide for yourself what should be repaired.

  • My drone is still under warranty or in one of the manufacturer’s care programs.

If you suspect a warranty claim please let us know we send your drone to the manufacturer and take care of the paperwork .

  • I am insured against damage to the drone, can I still give the drone to you for repairs?

Basically yes. But first clarify with your insurance company how to proceed. We would be happy to make you a repair offer. If the insurance gives you the approval for repairs, we will start. If there is a total loss, we can confirm this to you.

  • What do I have to send in / bring over?

If possible, send us the copter with batteries, charger and remote control, because we will test the entire system.

  • Are original spare parts used?

We usually use original spare parts.

  • Do I have a guarantee for the repair?

Our original spare parts have the usual manufacturer’s guarantees, we take over the guarantee for our own parts.

  • How long does it take to repair?

About 15 to 20 working days, we will tell you the repair time with the offer.

  • What happens if I don’t accept the repair offer and want the drone back unrepaired?

In this case we will send the drone back to you unrepaired. Up to 29 CHF for the damage analysis excl. Return postage charged.

  • How do I get an online offer?

Request your offer here

Drones rental

  • Do I get a pilot or cameraman included with the rental drone?

The rental drones usually come without a pilot. But we also have experienced pilots on offer.

  • What can I trust myself as a newcomer?

Even as a newbie, you can get a simple flight with a photo. For successful video flights you have to practice something. The quality of the photos and videos themselves essentially depends on your skills as a photographer / filmmaker.

  • Do I need a pilot’s license or a course to fly a rental drone?

Find out about the current status from the competent authority in your country. Beginners take a knowledgeable friend with them and read the operating instructions beforehand and study the local rules. Beginners start with small drones like the DJI Mavic or the DJI Phantom in good weather conditions and in open terrain.

Further information (external)
Germany: BMVI
Switzerland: FOCA
Austria: Austro Control

  • Do I need a local permit to fly with the rental drone?

Clarify this before each flight. Municipalities can also set up drone rules that are often not noted on the national maps.

Further information (external)
Germany: BMVI
Switzerland: FOCA
Austria: Austro Control

  • How old do I have to be to fly a drone?

We generally recommend a minimum age of 16 years. If you’re under 18, check whether your liability insurance does not impose age restrictions.

  • Do I need insurance?

Yes, as a drone pilot you need liability insurance. Contact your liability insurance and determine if the drone risk is already included.

  • Do I incur other costs in addition to the reported rental costs?

You need personal drone liability insurance and, for some drones, your own Android or iOS tablet / mobile for control.

  • How do I plan a flight?

Halte Dich an diese Checkliste [pdf]

  • Can I buy the rental drone?

Since the rental drone is specially insured, you cannot buy it, but we will be happy to supply you with an identical model, new and at standard commercial conditions.

  • What happens if I damage the drone?

It can happen. Send the drone back to us so we can assess the damage. Normally, your liability insurance will cover the damage.