Buying advice: The right drone

We are often asked which drones we can recommend. We have put together a few tips to help you.

Dozens of drones land on the operating table every day. Sometimes only a small scratch is to be treated, sometimes a whole arm is torn off. Most crashes are due to human error. Software problems show up from time to time after failed updates.

Mishaps happen

Flight mistakes happen to everyone, especially inexperienced pilots often crash into house walls or fall into the water. But even cautious pilots are not immune from crashes. And from time to time, the drone also falls from the sky for no apparent reason. So be prepared for the fact that sooner or later your device will end up in our emergency room. We are familiar with many models and get almost every patient fit again.

Keeping the fun factor high

High repair bills will spoil the fun of flying sooner or later. But you can take precautions: As a beginner, you should not fly around with a brummer with the weight and value of a small car. Unless you have the necessary change for expensive repairs a tolerant insurance. Reasonable drone pilots start with a small drone. Small drones do not do much damage (keyword low potential energy) and are cheaper to repair.

Keep you safe

The drone of your choice should not only be small, but also have reasonable electronics and sensors on board. These electronic helpers protect you from many unnecessary errors and keep the device stable in the air. New and more expensive models are usually better equipped. Drones under 150 CHF/€ are usually useless and end up in the drawer after a few flights.

What to buy and where

As an independent repair provider, we will of course be careful not to talk you into a model or a dealer. But stick to the following rules, then you will enjoy your drone the most:

Choose a current model, which is equipped with a proper sensor system.

Choose the smallest possible or lightest model that still meets your requirements.

Consumer drones for hobby and leisure can be bought from the electronics retailer. For professional drones or professional drone use, we recommend specialist shops with after-sales services.

And now have fun and a good flight!