Lipo batteries safety

Lipo batteries are safe and easy to care for, operator errors are largely eliminated by built-in safety components. Modern battery systems largely relieve you of charge management, the detection of error states and other routine work. Nevertheless, you should keep a few tips in mind so that your battery remains efficient for a long time and stupid accidents are avoided:

  1. Check regularly that your battery doesn’t get too warm during charging and operation. If the surface temperature is> 55 ° C, there is a problem.
  2. Check regularly that your battery is not damaged, for example dents, damaged cables and contacts, or flatulence. These are all signs that problems are not far away. Do not use this battery anymore and be careful when transporting it, for example use a fire-proof lipo case.
  3. As your battery ages it loses more and more of its performance. With careful handling, you cannot stop this process, but you can at least slow it down.


Lipo batteries safety 1
Lipo safety

If you have complex battery systems in use, the detailed tips from our supplier will help you: Swaytronic safety regulations