All Series – Ladegerät 2-6S



Ladegerät 2-6S
With XT60 Connector
Input: 2-6S
Output: 3V-20V (3.6A/3V. 3.4A/5V. 3A/9V. 3A/12V. 2.3A/15V. 2.3A/20V. It detects the charging voltage automatically.
Supports Fast Charge Protocol: Apple. Huawei FCP/SCP. Samsung AFC. Qualcomm Qc2.0/QC3.0. Showcase SFCP. MTK PE/1.1/PE/2.0. BC1.2. PD
Max. Output Power: 45W
Length: 65mm
Weight: 14.4g
Features: Supports 2S to 6S lithium battery. Be able to charge mobile phones. tablets. cameras. bluetooth headphones. and similar devices.
1 pcs
fits to Divers, DJI Drones,DJI Air 2S,DJI FPV,DJI Inspire 1,DJI Inspire 2,DJI Mavic 1,DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise,DJI Mavic 2,DJI Mavic Air 1,DJI Mavic Air 2,DJI Mavic Mini 1,DJI Mavic Mini 2,DJI Mini SE,DJI Phantom 2,DJI Phantom 3,DJI Phantom 4 RTK,DJI Phantom 4,DJI Smart Controller,DJI Spark,DJI Spark,DJI Tello,