Review portals

Review portals are the modern epidemic of the internet. Shameless companies make money by letting companies rate them negatively on their review portals and by charging money for the removal of the negative reviews.

Recognize fake reviews

The evaluators are often not real customers of the evaluated company, but rather competitors, employees or others who want to damage the company.

Fake reviews are often difficult to spot for visitors to review portals. However, the following indications can still help:

  • Overall, the reviewer has only given a few ratings
  • The evaluator only gives negative or positive evaluations
  • The words fraud, fake and the like are over-emphasized.
  • The assessment does not give any details, for example a description of the problem is missing
  • The evaluation contains confused claims.
  • Fake ratings cannot be easily recognized by the real name or synonym of the sender. Counterfeiters often use names from the phone book to fake authenticity.

The questionable business model of Trustpilot , & Co.

Corporate directories are a long-established method of making money off of businesses for pointless directory listings. The left stitch has been perfected on the Internet and is now even more lucrative:

The directory company, e.g. Trustpilot or, opens a review page for the company without being asked. The review page is heavily advertised by the review platform: If you search for the company, you will often find the review page faster than the company’s original page. The review portals specifically advertise people who want to harm the listed company by using combinations of terms such as fake + “company name”. The evaluation portal does not want positive reviews. Authors of positive reviews are often blocked with the message “This account could not be verified” or similar error messages, or the review is deleted without comment after a few days.

Review portals 1
User Mistress rates the Trustpilot platform. The negative rating will be deleted after a few days.

If enough negative reviews have now accumulated, the review platform contacts the blackened company and offers its help: For monthly contributions of € 100 to € 1000 and more, the company can have the bad reviews removed. The filter then only allows good or very good ratings. With this business model, Trustpilot now generates over € 2 billion in sales per year.

Make your own picture

Rating platforms usually do not reflect an authentic picture. We therefore recommend: Make up your own mind. Check the conditions carefully: Drohnenspital has been processing all repairs on account since 2014, ie the work only has to be paid for when the device is back at the customer. For spare parts orders, secure payment methods such as PayPal can be used, with which the payment can be reversed if something is wrong.

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