Warranty repairs

Your drone is still in the warranty period or in a “Care” program and you want to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer, e.g. DJI? The DrohnenSpital also handles guarantees. It doesn’t matter whether you bought the drone from Galaxus, Interdiscount, Conrad or another reseller. You send your drone to us or bring it over, we will contact the manufacturer and arrange the warranty processing including shipping abroad.

Drone hospital guarantee repairs
Drone hospital guarantee repairs


  1. Picking up / receiving the drone
  2. Report to the manufacturer
  3. Sending the drone to the manufacturer
  4. Communication of the warranty notice
  5. Return

This includes receiving the drone, reporting it to the manufacturer, sending the drone to the manufacturer and sending it back to the client. Exclusive are costs incurred by the manufacturer of the drone.

Our brands

  • Aibotix
  • AscTec
  • DJI
  • Mikrokopter
  • Yuneec
  • ZeroTech
  • and many more

Selection of warranty work

Flight Controller

  • Replace Flight Controller
  • Rewire Flight Controller
  • Update or reprogram Flight Controller

GPS and altimeter

  • Calibrate, repair and replace GPS sensor
  • Calibrate, repair and replace altimeter

Flow sensor, sonar and lidar

  • Calibrate, repair and replace flow sensor
  • Calibrate, repair and replace sonar
  • Calibrate, repair and replace Lidar

Motor and motor control (drive train)

  • Check, repair and replace motors
  • Review, repair and replace ESC
  • Balancing, checking and replacing propellers


  • Check, repair and replace receivers
  • Checking, repairing and replacing telemetry sensors
  • Updating and reprogramming transmitters (radio remote control)


  • Gimbal check, repair and replace gimbal
  • Check, repair and replace gimbal control
  • Update and reprogram gimbal control
  • Check, repair and adjust the camera mount

Multicopter frame

  • Check, repair and replace multicopter frames
  • Check, repair and replace multicopter arms
  • Check, repair, and replace multicopter landing gear

Warranty – request repairs